Thomas HaykTo grow an idea, sell it. To sell an idea, grow it.

My name is Thomas Hayk. I am the facilitator of this workshop and the founder of hitchensen.com.

From 2000-2011 I have been working in serveral corporations in different roles. 2011 I established my own company hitchensen.com with the aim to help small companies get loved by large companies. To become an expert on that field I questioned and studied the practical differences of large and small companies. I found a lot of answers in the Lean Startup methodology. I  perfected the application of these for large and small companies which resulted in this one day workshop. Although I am not an investor, I have invested and am engaged in 3 Startups.

The Hitchensen expert network today consists of 4 experienced practitioners who help startups and established companies to manage their projects and to structure and market their offerings. We not only do it, we also train how to do it. With this workhsop we aim to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to avoid mistakes and to get early market traction.

Our mantra as trainer is “to prepare you for future missions“. We will critically judge your ideas and provide and explain a framwork that helps you succeed with your mission. We will show you how to focus on your vision and mission and how to find and sell to first customers. The applied tools will prevent you from throwing money out of the window and to get traction and feedback immediately.

In a group of approximately 10 we will work together to bring every idea that is openly put on the table a step further. You might pivot already during this workshop because the main focus will be on feedback. Feedback from practitioners, fellow entrepreneurs and real customers.

Can you afford NOT to spend even one day to learn structures and a framework how to get first customers and how to constantly question your idea so that it becomes a wealthy business?

Examples of coached startups and course participants who successfully applied the learnings from the workshop for their businesses:

Feedback from course participants (click for large images):

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